How marketeers can use data for predictive campaigns

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Campaigning is often based on feeling or experience by marketeers, but the speed of digital developments are forcing businesses to rapidly adapt to the new needs of consumers created by digitization. Of course, marketeers can’t leave their data out of the equation nowadays, however this remains a struggle as this often calls for allocating expensive resources such as data scientists. Luckily, technology is catching up on the smart brains of data scientists. So what does this mean for the future of campaigning? And how can big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence be used to improve campaigns?



It is very important to collect all of your data and bring it together at one place. By doing this, smart algorithms can find correlations within the data from different data sources. This gives you a much better understanding of your customers and how they behave along their journey. This knowledge can then be used to serve your customers the best content at the right time and through the most relevant channel, based on their behaviour. Their behaviour can be matched to previously shown behaviour of your customers, so you can predict their buying phase, interests and customer type. By knowing so much more about each customer you can serve him with content, sequential to the predicted characteristics.


That sounds like a lot of work

Luckily for you, there are platforms that will help you to use all the data you have and turn it into the best content for your customers, along their journey, regardless of the channels they come in touch with you. Bas Nieland, founder and CEO of Datatrics, will be a keynote speaker during the DMWF Amsterdam conference, and will tell you a lot more about how collecting behavioural data of your customers can improve your campaigns.



You’ll find Bas Nieland, CEO of Datatrics, at 10.45am on Day Two at DMWF Amsterdam. Bas will be speaking about ‘Making machine learning and artificial intelligence fool proof for every marketing team’.


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