How IoT can change the face of your workplace using Smart Office

22 February 2017 18:00 - 22 February 2017 20:30

Chaione 1800 West Loop South Suite 2100, Houston, TX, 77027


The way people do business is ever-changing with proliferation of advanced technologies. The upsurge of technologies such as the Internet of Things present a lot of business opportunities for various sectors, thus remaking the modern workplace and restructuring its operations. IoT has empowered workplaces using sensors and beacons, to keep an eye on all the activities happening inside the office.

Softweb Solutions and Waterfall Security Solutions have teamed up to bring this Smart Office event to you. Softweb Solutions will explore how integration of IoT platforms, data science, and analytics has helped offices to transform into an efficient workplace and is helping the bigger cause of energy efficient buildings. The event will showcase how Softweb Solutions have integrated Amazon Echo and chatbots to deliver a smart office solution along with presenting a proof of concept of mixed reality with HoloLens.

Security concerns and interoperability issues related to the Industrial Internet of Things have hampered its adoption. In the event, participants will be able to learn how Waterfall’s hardware-enforced Unidirectional CloudConnect is enabling the adoption of revolutionary IIoT/cloud services by eliminating risks and enabling standard cloud connectivity. The event will also discuss how the market’s top industrial cloud providers, such as GE’s Predix, are supported, and learn how a cyber-security solution can also serve to unite industrial environments with cloud interfaces, applications and formats.


– Speaker introduction and overview
– How IoT can revolutionize your workplace using Smart Office
– A vision for security for Industrial Internet of Things
– Q&A session