How AI driven bots and machine learning improves customer experiences

26 April 2017 17:30 - 26 April 2017 19:30

WeWork Uptown, 1920 McKinney Avenue, Dallas, TX, 75201


Natural language processing is an essential element of bot technologies. There has been a direct relationship between the evolution of bot platforms and natural language processing platforms. While the evolution of bot technologies has been driven by the messaging platform vendors like WeChat or Facebook, the main advancements in natural language processing technologies are coming from the cloud platform and service providers like IBM, Microsoft, and Google.

This is why most bot developers spend time integrating their frontend bot applications with natural language processing services provided by a different platform.

In this meetup, we will discuss two important natural language programming techniques that have become popular with bot technologies as well as the main differences between a bot and an intelligent bot.


– Introduction to bots
– Bot frameworks and natural language processing (NLP)
– Discussion on natural language programming techniques
– Differences between rule-based bot and AI bot
– Demo
– Q&A