BrandConnect™ by SupersonicAds

BrandConnect™ is the first CPE (Cost-Per-Engagement) advertising platform for Social Games. The platform gives consumers the opportunity to earn social currency and virtual items by watching, sharing and engaging with branded content.

BrandConnect™ is integrated directly into the most popular social games and social networks, and includes advanced demographic, geo and game genre targeting.

** Disney’s Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 film promotion on Millionaire City Facebook App (Feb 2011)

How it Works:

  1. Users are prompted to earn social currency or virtual items by watching a video – through an in-game icon, display ad or message.
  2. Users click to accept, watch the video in full and are rewarded within the game.
  3. Optional: generate further engagement and viral distribution with share, “like”, quiz, survey, flash mini-game play, or any other customized action you may need.

Advantages for Brand Advertisers:

  1. Pay only for full video consumptions and engagements, on a CPV/E basis.
    All in-game traffic drivers (icons, display ads and messages) are FOC.
  2. Targeting – including demographic, geo, game genre and game specific.
  3. User capping – based on once per unique user – lifetime.
  4. Simple integration – your campaign can go live immediately, served through our publisher API.
    Our team provides in-house creative services to tailor your campaign to a specific game experience.
  5. Full transparency – we work only directly with publishers.
    Reports include detailed game/site lists and screen grabs.

The BrandConnect Integrated Network

BrandConnect is integrated with 350 game titles, reaching over 150M unique users worldwide (90M in Europe).

“We see CPE video on Social Games as an important part of today’s media mix and working with SupersonicAds enabled us to achieve mass reach across Europe….” Tim Connew, Vodafone Account Director at OMD International.

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