6 mobile advertising trends for 2016

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Yes, okay, so we’re already in March, we know, but still, that’s over nine months left to create, innovate and generally throw about some cool mobile marketing ideas and initiatives. And nine months in mobile internet time is essentially four years in real life. It’s a bit like dog years, only I think we may actually have shorter attention spans than dogs nowadays. We’re surprised you’ve made it this far to be honest.


Where were we? Oh yes…

The next time you gather everyone in your organisation together to talk mobile advertising, these are the themes we think you need to be throwing about.


Think video

According to research last year from Ofcom, 42% of all smartphone users watch short form video content on their mobiles, and this figure can surely only be set to grow? Think about how you could incorporate video into your mobile advertising, and you’ll be tapping into a huge and responsive market.


Start with the mobile

There’s been a lot of talk in the last year about making websites ‘mobile friendly’, but mobile marketing shouldn’t be simply a case of taking what you already have and tweaking it to fit mobile, it should be beginning with mobile. Smartphones are the number one way that UK internet users get online, so creating cross-platform content that starts with mobile, rather than just trying to make what you have already fit, should be high on your agenda.


Know where your customer is

We don’t just mean where they live, we mean where they are, at any point in the day. Get over the slightly creepy feel and mobile marketing opens up possibilities that no other advertising channel can. You have the power to virtually follow your customer around, get to know their habits and their haunts, and target your marketing accordingly.


And know what they like to do

Programmatic advertising is on the up on mobile. Until recently, mobile advertising had been led very much by sites rather than individuals, but we predict that this is set to change. Why would you try to reach your customer through a news website that they might read now and again when you could find them through their favourite app or mobile game?


Beacon technology

A big part of the growth in proximity-based mobile advertising is the development of beacon technology. For retailers, beacon-triggered marketing is the perfect example of proximity-based advertising, and thanks to the relatively simple, low cost technology involved, it’s something that is sure to become a bigger and bigger part of how we shop over the next few years.


Mobile gaming

If you want to know when your customers are most alert, and most focussed on their mobile screens, think gaming. Research has shown that mobile gaming accounts for a staggering 60% of mobile usage time, so this really is a potential gold mine in advertising terms. Strangely, it’s still a very under-utilised platform, but one that’s sure to expand.




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