Three steps to help manage your social reputation at #SMWF N.America

Managing your business across the social space is a little more complex than simply having a facebook page or twitter account. Much of social reputation comes down to educating internally and ensuring that those within the business are aware of the core values and key messages that should be portrayed.

How to manage your social reputation:

1. Empower:

In a typical office when the phone rings it is simply a case of whoever is first to take the call but this process wouldn’t work on social media sites. Like a receptionist, somebody needs to begiven the job to handle the social media sites and be the ‘face’ of the company online. Having one person taking control will save the risk of mixed messages and will keep a standard tone to the communications.

2. Educate:

Once someone has been given the role of handling the social media account they should be in educated in what they can and can’t say. It is important that everyone in the business is informed of the dangers of saying the wrong thing online & how quickly that information can spread.

3. Integrate:

Similar to the above, the whole company should be knowledgeable in the power of social media. Any content coming from other areas of the business should go through the social media representative to ensure the message follows brand values and saves repetition.

The social media representative should be in close contact with the customer service team, so any problems and complaints online can be quickly picked up and passed onto the customer service team and quickly resolved.

You can learn more about the importance of social reputation at #SMWF N. America. This year’s key note panel will feature Garth Holsinger, VP of Sales and Business Development at Klout and Chris Heuer, Specialist Leader, Social Media Club and Deloitte who will discuss and answer questions such as:

– How are the best organizations actively listening and participating in social conversations?

– What is the role of employees in strengthening your brand across the social web?

– How do you manage the challenge of effectively representing both your personal and business identities on the social web?

To view the full agenda please click here.

The panel will be held on Day 1 at 0920 – to book your place at this year’s event please click here.

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